3 Great Acoustic Guitar Rock Songs For Beginners

There is a great range of rock tunes that you can play on the acoustic guitar and a lot of these tunes are actually fairly simple to learn for beginners. Here you will find at least three of those rock tunes that you can begin with as you learn how to play the acoustic guitar.

If you’ve only just begun to play the guitar, make sure that you already know the basic major and minor chords. This way, you will be able to play the following songs without too much difficulty.

The chords you would need to play for each song are provided below, but if you would like to see the detailed pattern of the chord progression, you can easily search for guitar tabs online for that particular song.

A good tip in making it easier to learn a song is to first listen to it several times; afterwards you can pick them out by ear.

Green Day- Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

There are several versions of this song available, some of which are more difficult than the others, but as a whole it is probably the most basic and most enjoyable tune on this list.

The entire song is played with only four chords: G,C, D and Em. If you play the song and listen to it over and over again, you will already be able to play along with the song after the first verse. This song is also very nice to strum and sing along with at the same time.

Guns N’ Roses- Patience

Almost all guitar players are fans of at least one Guns N’ Roses song. This particular song is one of their classic tunes found in their second album entitled Lied. This song is one of the few acoustic hits that Guns N’ Roses ever did during their original popularity, not including their recent return to the music scene.

This song is easily played with only 5 different chords: C, G, D, A and Em. Online, you can find a lot of great tabs and chord sites that will provide the pattern for you, but you can also simply listen to the song a few times and strum along with it. It will be very easy to know which pattern is being used.

Nirvana- About A Girl

This is an easy song that beginners will find enjoyable to play. Kurt Cobain was always known for his simplicity. One of the best versions of this particular song was during their unplugged concert on MTV back in the early nineties. That particular version is great on the acoustic guitar.

The chords you need for this song is: Em, G, C# and F#. It is simple enough to learn and very enjoyable to play.

With these popular tunes, you will be able to play simply but effectively. Enjoy your acoustic guitar playing!