5 Useful Tips To Play Electric Guitar

There is a whole range of various types of methods and styles on how to be able to play the electric guitar. It is quite impossible to teach them all in one article, so here you will find a few tips that are simple yet very useful for anyone with an interest in learning how to play electric guitar.

Tip 1: Begin by securing the strings in their proper places. Make sure they are fitted correctly. When playing electric guitar, string bends are often included. If your strings are not in their proper fittings, this will easily result in tuning problems. It can be very embarrassing to hear a “ping” sound when your guitar goes out of tune in the middle of a solo, so be sure that your strings are in perfect condition.

Tip 2: Take your guitar and get to know it. There is a large range of various sounds and textures among electric guitars. These are all accessed simply through your tone and volume controls. Using various kinds of pickup selections will also be able to make these differences.

Tip 3: Learn how to be able to mute the strings. The power of the sound coming from the amplifier alone can already let the strings on your guitar vibrate and ring, especially when played at a high volume. This is not a good thing for whatever you are playing, that is why you should learn to mute the strings so that it doesn’t make unnecessary sounds. This is done simply by laying your strumming hands palm across the strings to keep them from vibrating.

Tip 4: Proceed to learning some simple scales and licks. You can add variation from this by just adding some ad lib notes or licks, but in order to do this you will first need to have scale knowledge. You can add a lot of depth to any song by spicing it up with good blues licks. This can add more flair and style to your sound.

Tip 5: Now, you can learn to bend the strings and apply a vibrato sound. For guitar fans, one of their most favorite sounds in the world is the sound of a guitarist bending up to a high note topped off with a spanking good vibrato. These techniques are not that complicated to learn, but they are quite difficult to master. But once you have mastered them, they can take your music to a much higher level.

These five guitar tips do not even scratch the surface of what you will need to learn on playing electric guitar, but it will at least point you in the right direction.