Guitar For Beginners – Why You Should Play Metallica Songs On Guitar

If you are starting to learn how to play the guitar, more or less you are aspiring to be able to play the music of your favorite bands. In the first place, it is possible that you may have decided to learn to play the guitar because of your favorite band or guitarist. If you are most especially into the heavy metal or hard rock music genre, it would be great to begin by aspiring to emulate the famous band Metallica. When listened to at first, their music may sound difficult to play and almost impossible to play for a beginner. But the truth is, you will find that with the help of guitar tab transcriptions on the internet, the songs of Metallica are not that difficult to learn. Some of their slower songs especially, such as “Fade To Black” or “The Thing That Should Not Be” are particularly friendly to those who are just beginning to learn how to play the guitar. With enough practice, you will be able to learn it faster than you had imagined. With the help of guitar tabs, online video tutorials and a whole lot of practice, guitar beginners will be able to start familiarizing themselves with the joys of heavy metal guitar.

So why is Metallica’s music a good place to start for beginners? Their music has a few elements that make them one of the best bands to start emulating. They are the following:

Their music will help you improve your picking hand’s mobility and dexterity. A lot of Metallica songs have to do with a lot of down-picking and you will find that this will be very useful for you as you progress in your guitar lessons. The more advanced pieces will make use of this a lot. Within the genre. James Hetfield is considered as one of the best guitar players to be emulated, especially for those starting out. If you are interested in heavy metal, most likely he is on your list of guitar idols. James Hetfield has an unrelenting and singular approach to his songwriting and picking that a lot of guitarists, both amateur and professional, follow and learn from. The term ‘downpicking’, which is the opposite of alternate picking (which basically has an up-down, up-down motion), will allow you to control and manipulate passages in an easier way, especially if you do this in a quick motion. This approach will also render string skipping (which is going from one string to the next string) easier than if approached in a different way.

The music of Metallica focuses mainly on the Phrygian mode. By learning this mode, you will be able to develop your song-building ability better. This mode is a main focus in the heavy metal world. Metallica’s song structure is also typically not too complicated, although of course there are some exceptions. But if you concentrate on mastering their technique, this will give you a great advantage as you move forward into more advanced music within the heavy metal genre.

Simply put, if you begin your guitar lessons by learning the musical arrangements of Metallica, you will find that it will give you a good foundation for your guitar playing.