Self-Taught Guitar Playing

Is it your dream to be the next Taylor Swift but you think that getting yourself into a guitar class could actually cost you a lot of cash? Don’t worry because you can always learn how to play the guitar on your own.

It will surprise you to know that most rockstars today including Taylor Swift are self-taught artists when it comes to playing the guitar. All you’ll really need is a guitar, a time for practice and a good book or a video to be your guide.

As a self-taught guitar player, you’ll have to achieve a discipline of playing the instrument everyday in more than an hour if you are on the beginner’s level.

You can start by learning the basic major chords starting from C up to B. You can learn its minor chords after but we advise that you focus on mastering the basics first when it comes to strumming and positioning your fingers on the guitar fret.

There are books with chord charts available for you and also videos over the internet that offers tutorials for you to learn fast. But the secret lies on your dedication and persistence on playing the guitar.

Practicing everyday is like putting money in your piggy bank on a daily basis. One day it will be filled and you will gain the benefit of it as you diligently put effort on making it full.

Jamming with friends is also helpful especially if you got friends who are already good in playing your favorite instrument. They could teach you techniques and other technicalities as well.

We would also suggest that you go out to watch some guitar shows that feature some really good artists in which you could learn from just by watching them perform.

One doesn’t need to be a child prodigy to learn the guitar by themselves. Like what we always say, it’s your heart that will drive you to strive for excellence by doing your own research and practicing it like seeing yourself on the stage of Madison Square Garden.

One day, your hard work will all be paid off by people recognizing not just your talent, but your character as a persistent artist who aims to excel and make meaningful music through the guitar.

Start today by picking up a guitar and learning it on your own. There is nothing to be afraid of, only to be excited of what’s in store for you after mastering the art of guitar playing. Get all your resources ready and strum your way to success.

Strum your way to success!